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Bharari - Empowerment of Women and Girls

Women and girls constitute almost half of the population yet, they are deprived of access to resources, opportunities in comparison to their male counterparts and become victims of violence due to their gender. Unfortunately, women in marginalised communities in rural area suffer more. We at Samarthya strongly believe that both women and men should have equal opportunity, in all areas of work and at all institutional levels, to pursue their interests, contribute their needs and ideas and be treated with respect.

The endeavour at Samarthya is to address the root cause of gender inequality and work towards empowering of women and girls


  • Economic empowerment of women.

  1. Organise women through forming their SHGs and engage them in thrift and credit.

  2. Build capacities of women to become financially independent through livelihood.

  •  Leadership development of women.

  1. Facilitate to participate in Local Self-Governance. 

  2. Encourage to voice up against gender violence. 


SHG's meeting at Kolsur village

2236 women are facilitated to join in SHGs.




326 women are encouraged to become financially independent.



in Gram Sabha

Six women of hitherto deprived women are elected on Gram Panchayats.

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