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Pillars of Change: Story of Ranjana

  Ranjana, 34  year-old woman of Kolsur village, struggled to make ends meet as a daily wage labour. That was until her zeal to be successful in life, got her the attention of Samarthya’s coordinator. Impressed with her determination to work hard to achieve success, Ms. Ranjana  was selected as community mobiliser from her village and trained by Samarthya in implementing educational project. After the training, Ranjana started realizing the importance of education. A person with education can do much to come out of poverty and violence that takes place at every walk of life. “Importance of education is realized when you are in difficult situation, I wish let every girl of our village study for their own sake” adds.

“Even when it was difficult to earn enough for two meals a day, I always dreamt of doing something bigger in life. I now focus on encouraging parents to support daughter’s education.” says Ranjana confidently.

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