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Combating Drought Together!

  I am Saamka, 36 years old, having two sons and two daughters live at Nishari Nagar, Aurad. I never imagined that my life will take different turns and twist. My husband died of some illness and left me alone. Earlier I was confined to the four walls. There was hardly any need to step out of house. I had to work as daily wage on other’s field to feed my children. It was very hard and earlier when the children were very young, I was able to manage. I was determined that all my children should study for a better future. However, as the children became older, their needs increased and so did expenses. I realized that I could not do all this this small earning. So, I took a loan of Rs. 10,000 /- and started a provision shop. The shop was not providing me good earning to support my family. Several families migrated to other districts in search of livelihood. Demand for buying grocery from my shop reduced. It became difficult day by day to make a living in hamlet. I was compelled to work as daily wage labuourer again, however I stopped getting work daily. I get work for three days in a week. The situation was about to worsen, I came to know about Samarthya’s work. I approached them and narrated my plight. The assurance of doing something boost my confidence. Samarthya helped the poor, widowed, with cash for food. I informed the organization that I would like to sell vegetables in Omerga town. I was provided a grant of Rs. 6000/- with which I purchased a handcart, weighing scales and vegetables for selling.

Today I sell vegetables in the market three days a week and earn approximately Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 3000/- in a month. I wanted to have an emotional support and path to see life optimistically. Today, I am selling vegetables in Omerga town with lot hardship, but do not realize it as my children are studying here in village and we all are together to combat this situation. I feel blessed that we are together and do not sleep hungry!

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