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One Step To Make Life Happy: Story of Pravin

  Pravin  Jadhav, 34 years old, lives in Jadhavnagar with his wife Suvarna, 29 years old, having a 10 year daughter  and a 7 years son. He is making his living through working as wage labour in other’s field. Pravin had no other means of livelihood. His wife Suvarna too working as agriculture labour in other’s field. Suvarna has to attend all the household chores, feed children, prepare them for school and then leave for work. However, Pravin often complains about his wife for not being able to provide him things on time. She has to give him hot water, tea and food in the morning before he leaves for work. His complaining behavior used to make Suvarna more tolerant and calm.

Things gone wrong when Pravin started drinking and beating her every alternate day. Children used to see their quarrel. Neigbhours intervene and help them settle their disputes. This was unending for Suvarna. She once shared this in one of the meetings in SHGs. Other members suggested to take the help of Samarthya to provide some guidance to the Pravin. Days passed. Once Pravin happened to be a part of the training on gender sensitization organised by the Samarthya.

All participants shared their experiences of how we treat our spouse. Pravin too shared his experience. “I used to work whole day and return to home, I get irritated when I see things are not in place or food not served on time” says Pravin. “My frequent friction with my wife triggered to drink” adds Pravin. The trainer explained how we do not understand the workload of a woman working at home. Every woman does work since morning without complain. “We have taken our woman granted, that they do not have pain and labour” explained by trainer.

The explanations of work load and time devoted by both men and women was provided during the training. This revelation surprised Pravin too. He never thought this way.

Soon after the training programme, a bright change was seen in Pravin’s house. He started fetching water, buying groceries, arranging things in place and attending children’s needs too. “I never understood the importance of sharing household chores, when I started, I realized that our relation is improving and I get more peace at home.” Shares Pravin happily.

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