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Who We Are

Samarthya is a development organization, working with marginalized communities on access to quality primary education, strengthening and promoting community based organisations, youth leadership and development, women and girls empowerment and  disaster risk reduction. It represents the conviction that every individual is entitled to live in security, dignity and peace. Our existence is rooted in our commitment to promote a democratic society, and enable marginalized groups to access human rights.

Samarthya was founded in 2008 under Bombay Public Trust Act—1950 and Societies Registration Act—1860. 

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.”

                                                                Dr. B R Ambedkar

Our Mission

“To educate and empower marginalized communities and facilitate community based systems so that they are able to access their rights, develop themselves and sustain their developments”

Our Mission

Our Vision

“We envision a society where underprivileged communities and women, live with dignity, have equal opportunity and social and economic justice.”


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