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Asha – Optimistic Towards Life!

Asha Chavan, 34 years, resident of Vyankatnagar, is one of the SHGs members of Vyankatnagar who have chosen to diversify their activities and earn a better income. She was fond of cooking and serving to others. When her husband Ramesh had to separate from joint family, and there was big question to feed their two daughters and a son, she heard about the Samarthya’s livelihood project. 

Team member of Samarthya analysed her needs and suggested to join in an exposure visit and a training on snack making.

"The exposure and training taught me to make snack," she recalls. "I also learned how to make it tastier and quality product, and now I sell them at others shops in nearby villages. Everyone liked it, they demand more as it finishes soon," she adds proudly.

Today, she is the only snack making in the cluster and has captured the entire local market. However, it became difficult during monsoon when making snack become cumbersome and demand also reduced. Asha and her husband did not stop, they found alternative of starting a general store in her own habitation.


Today, she has snack making, general store and few goats to support her family. She has admitted her daughter and son to continue education for their brighter future. “We can not do much in our life, however, future of our children is in our hand and we are confident enough to realize their dream of becoming financially independent!” adds Asha proudly.

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