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From Timidity To Confident: Story of Varsha

  Varsha Chavan, born and brought in Venkat Nagar, with her parents and two brothers. Venkat Nagar is like anyother habitations devoid of basic facilities and people depend upon wage labour.  In this condition, parents never give any importance to the girl’s education. They think that the “Girls are other’s treasure, our responsibility to protect until they are married” reveal many fathers in her habitations.

Varsha completed her 4th grade from the school in the hamlet and joined in the 5th grade at Kader village nearby, Lokmanya Tilak Vidyalaya. However, she was irregular in attending school due to her inability to speak in Marathi (which was the language spoken by the other children) and as a result not able to make any friends in her new school. She was heckled by the other children for being different, a nomad who could not speak Marathi. Attending school became an onerous task due to the other children picking on her and teasing her. Gradually, an outgoing cheerful Varsha became quite and withdrawn, and displayed none of her former self confidence. In one instance, Varsha ended up describing the school as a jail.

The teacher and children in Support Classes noticed that Varsha was irregular in school and decided to take up the matter. On the appointed day, Varsha was called for the meeting and the children initiated the discussion about her school attendance. Varsha became emotional and shared how she was ill-treated by the other children at school and said that she did not like going to school anymore because of this.

The group counselled her about the importance of education and the need to persevere despite challenges. They shared similar experiences and how they had coped with Varsha.

In this way the group helped Varsha overcome her fears and she began to attend school regularly. Her confidence began improving and eventually in 2016 she completed her tenth grade at school. Today Varsha is studying in the 12th std at Gunjoti and aspires to become a teacher, a good teacher to help several such Varsha to continue their schooling!

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