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Saksham Shikshan: Accessing to Quality Education


Poverty, seasonal migration, rigid patriarchal structure, parental apathy, domestic insecurity, unattractive format of education, societal ridicule, discrimination in schools and community dialect are hindrances in the spread of education among marginalised especially DNTs communities  which hampers the level of learning among children poses a great challenge.


Access to quality education can change a child’s life, specially for children from marginalized communities. It can be the light that they need to change the direction of their life, it can be the hope they need to understand that there are better days ahead…

An environment that promotes education, in school and at homes, plays a crucial role in helping the child become interested in going to school, receiving education and ultimately becoming empowered and independent. We work with children at two levels – Inside the school and outside the school, and build our strategies accordingly.


  • Organise training programmes and campaigns on RTE. 

  • Promote enrollment  of girl child into primary school. 

  • Facilitate learning through support and remedial classes.

  • Prepare ICE material bridging gap between dialect and standard  language. 

  • Build capacities of members of SMCs to ensure better quality of education.

  • Help children express through various events such as Baal Melava, Baal Panchayat, Educational Picnics etc. 

  • Undertake studies and research on education to understand the current condition.

Sunita Rathod



"Support classes helped my daughter cultivate interest towards she attends classes regularly.."

Rohini Rathod



"I started reading simple para within two very happy!"

Vijay  Pawar



"Earlier I used to bunk I don't miss a single day!"

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