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Awards and Recognition

 Through the years, Samarthya's work has been recognised by  several individuals and organisations. We are thankful for their faith and belief in our abilities by giving us such an honour. It encourages us and instils a sense of belief that we are on the right path whilst reminding us of the great responsibility we carry toward the marginalised.

Youth Award

Udhavarao Petkar Yuva Award received from Ms. Sumitra Bang in 2007.

Jeevan Gourav

‘Jeevan Gaourav Puaraskar’ from Maharashtra Maali Sangh, Amaravati in 2007.


awarded by The Youth Collective from Pravah – Changeloom, New Delhi in 2009.

Jijau Gourav

‘Jijau Gaurav Puraskar’ by Jijau Brigade, Umagra in 2018.

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